Why Contract Electronics Manufacturing is Good For Your Business

Back then companies that create and design complex electrical component used to manufacture equipment themselves. In 1981, IBM changed the landscape of electronic equipment manufacturing when the company, for the first time in history, decided to outsource their manufacturing operations to a separate and independent company. It was a practical move on part of IBM. The process was convenient and, depending on where you outsource to, operation costs are cheaper. Soon this way of manufacturing electronic equipment became known as contract electronics manufacturing, or electronic contract manufacturing (ECM).

Contract electronics manufacturing allows original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies to focus on what they do best – design better electronic equipment. Afterwards this new piece of technology needs to be mass produced for consumers, and this is where ECM companies come in.

This trend of outsourcing manufacturing operations has only been around a couple of decades and it’s already made a huge impact in the industry. Especially these times, when almost everything relies on the use of a computer or a machine.

ECM companies are gauged by the accuracy of their work based on the designs given by OEM companies. Which is why most ECM companies maintain close contact with their client OEM companies: to keep them informed throughout the design and development process.

This way mistakes are minimized, if not eliminated altogether. Contracting the services of a good contract electronics manufacturing company is a lot like doing the task yourself, but at a cheaper cost.

Other services include PCB design, digital electronics, analogue electronics, data-logging, bespoke instrumentation, wireless communications, embedded software and testing for regulatory standards.

A few of the most successful contract electronics manufacturing companies today are Solectron, Foxconn, Flextronics, Sanmina-SCI, Tresmine, Celestica, Jabil Circuit, EE Technologies and Benchmark Electronics. Some of these companies have become so successful they are now called Original Design Manufacturers, which skips OEM companies altogether and takes direct equipment orders from the companies that need them.

If you’re looking to outsource your manufacturing, do your market research and find a contract electronics manufacturing company you strike up a good chemistry with and allows a full view of their operations from conveyor belt to delivery by shipload. It is worth every ounce of effort you put into it, and lets you keep up with the tight market competition.

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Cheap Electronics – Finding Cheap Prices For High-Priced Electronics

Cheap Electronics Don’t Have To Be Cheap

Looking for cheap electronics doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality for price. Sometimes your budget doesn’t permit you to buy the latest and greatest technology. Cheap consumer electronics will save you tons of money. These electronics can be discounted in price for various reasons. They might be cheap because they are quality customer returned goods or they might be factory refurbished. Many people think cheap electronics are cheap in quality, but these people are not smart bargain hunters. There are many high-priced electronics that are discounted, you just need to know where to look.

Many people paying full retail price for electronics are basically paying for the brand name. Well what if you can find the same brand, maybe a past model that costs significantly less than the newest model retail price? This situation does not affect the quality of the brand but it reflects the difference in models. Many people are content with past models if it can save them 30-40% off retail of a new model unit.

Although it’s not recommended to purchase brands that you have never heard of, there are many brands out there that are in-house brands of huge electronics retail stores. These types of brands are perfect for deals because they usually come with a warranty and you can’t beat the prices of in-house models.

Where To Find Cheap Consumer Electronics

There are many ways you can find great deals on cheap electronics. Before looking through classified ads or through online advertisements, determine what type of electronic you are looking and your price range. It’s easier to look for things when you set a budget for yourself, also, determine the space in your house if it’s a large appliance and see the maximum size your space can hold. For instance, if you’re looking for a television you want to measure the screen size, resolutions, etc.

Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, here are a few spots to look:

o Web sites: Some sites offer great discount prices for there new, used, and refurbished electronics. Since e-commerce sites have drop their prices lower than brick and mortar stores because their overhead is a lot lower.

o Classified Ads: These are great if you don’t want your items shipped because usually you can arrange a pick up locally. A good plus on this is that you can physically check out the item before you make a purchase. The down side is that all sales are final when purchasing something through personal ads, unless the seller is nice enough to give you a warranty of some sort.